Special edition newsletter - Making waves

17 Okt 2023

Kolegice in kolegi logopedi!


V ESLA nas v svojem novičniku vabijo, da prijavimo naše člane oziroma skupino logopedov, ki so naredili nekaj izjemnega za stroko. Spodaj si preberite ESLAin poziv! Za pomoč pri prijavi se lahko obrnete na Odbor za mednarodno sovelovanje (Barbara Vogrincic).


Dear Colleague,

Welcome to this Special Issue “Making Waves” ESLA Newsletter!

With this special issue we are kicking off our new Making Waves newsletter series showcasing some of our hard-working and driven colleagues and their incredible work. Do you also want to nominate a fellow SLT or an initiative to be featured in the ESLA newsletter? Send an email to esla@eslaeurope.eu and tell us all about it. We cannot wait to be hearing from you!

We are excited to highlight colleagues and their initiatives that embody the spirit of innovation, compassion, and positive change that defines exceptional contributions in our field and we would like to thank everyone who has sent in their nominations. We are thrilled about so many interesting submissions all in the spirit of celebrating each other’s successes and achievements. In fact, the sheer number of nominations led us to dedicate a whole special issue to our very first Making Waves segment. We would like to encourage all of you to keep on sending in your nominations to celebrate the great and diverse work that constitutes our profession.

Prijava na e-novice