About DlogS

The Slovenian Association of Speech and Language Therapists (Društvo logopedov Slovenije, DlogS) is an independent and leading organization of Speech and Language Therapists in the Republic of Slovenia. It is a non-governmental, non-profit and non-party association that connects individuals from the fields of science, healthcare, education, and social care. The mission of DlogS is to transfer professional knowledge and speech therapy doctrine to Slovenian speech therapists. Membership in DlogS is voluntary.

The association unites its members intending to realize common occupational, professional and scientific interests. DlogS cares for the progress and reputation of the SLP profession and its professionals in different fields.

Members of Društvo logopedov Slovenije cooperate in professional subgroups: fluency disorders, neurogenic communication and swallowing disorders, augmentative and alternative communication, SLPs in education, SLPs in primary care, SLPs to be – students of SLP.

SLP visitors, please see more about Slovenia. Get in touch with us via email at info@dlogs.si.

Traditional events held by DlogS

  • Online SLP coffee break Logo Kavarna (monthly)
  • European SLP day (yearly)
  • Congress of Slovenian SLPs (every four years)
  • Postgraduate seminars for residency in Medical Speech and Language Pathology (every 6-7 years)

The Board

Klara Trpkova Bergant

Medical speech-language pathologist

UMC Ljubljana
Zaloška 2
1000 Ljubljana

Vice President
Tamara Vidakovič

Medical speech-language pathologist

Vinarska ulica 6
2000 Maribor

General Secretary, Treasurer
Tina Pogorelčnik

Resident of Medical speech-language pathology

UMC Ljubljana
Zaloška 2
1000 Ljubljana

Katja Globevnik

Vice President at Professional Council


Sabina Seme

Vice President at Committee for National Affairs

Barbara Vogrinčič

Vice President at Committee for International Affairs

Renata Keček

Vice President at Tribunal

Mladen Jeličič

Vice President at Supervisory Board

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