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We kindly invite you to submit an abstract for the 6th Conference of Slovenian speech and language therapists with international attendance. The abstract can be submitted below. We welcome submissions from all areas of speech-language therapy, audiology, and special education for children with impaired hearing. The submissions can be presented in a form of an oral presentation, poster, or workshop.

The official languages of the conference are Slovenian and English. A presenter can also speak in Croatian, Serbian or Bosnian, however, the presentation or poster has to be in Slovenian or English. Please kindly note that everyone who wants to attend the conference or single sessions must register.

Authors should submit the abstract by February 06, 2022, via the conference website. The abstract should follow instructions for submission (the same for all types of presentations) outlined below.

There is a limit of two presentations for a single presenter. This however does not exclude the opportunity to be a co-author for an unlimited number of abstracts.

Instructions for abstract submission

  1. The abstract has to include:
  • title,
  • name, surname, and institution of author(s), the e-mail address of the first author,
  • the preferred type of presentation*: oral presentation, poster, workshop (in the case of the workshop please indicate the duration: 45 or 90 minutes).
  1. The length of the abstract is 250 to 300 words. It has to include a short introduction, main research aims, method (participants, materials, data analysis), results, and main conclusions.
  2. The abstract should be written:
    • electronically (MS Word),
    • in Slovenian or English language.
  3. Authors will be notified of decisions regarding acceptance on March 1, 2022.
  4. Following the abstract acceptance, the authors are required to submit a full paper by May 31, 2022. The paper has to follow the instructions outlined in the paper template available at: Paper Template
  5. The content and language are the responsibility of the authors.


* The scientific committee will inform the author(s) in case the preferred type of presentation has to be changed.


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